After attending the Colorado Speed Challenge and Eureka IHPVA, I've come to the conclusion that the following generic rules apply to racing, whether that be HPV's or stock cars:

1) Racing is Racing

2) Racing is primarily a GUY thing

3) Last minute, trackside fabrication is always necessary.

4) Duct tape is an essential ingredient of aforementioned fabrication

4A Motel rooms typically lack adequate workbench space and floor


5) The crashes are more interesting than the races

6) If the rules don't say you can't, that doesn't mean you can

7) If the rules say you can, that doesn't mean you have to

8) Popularity counts on interpretations of rules #6 and #7

9) A creative new way to bend the rules will win every time

10) Scoring and timing is never 100% accurate

11) Some people ALWAYS take scoring and winnning too SERIOUS

12) Races generally start late

13) There's always one BABE at the track diverting everyone's attention.

(I'm usually looking at her development whenever a good crash is


14) There are never enough volunteers after the first day, because

15) No one ever remembers to feed and beer the volunteers

16) The Safety guy has a hopeless job

17) All photos and videotape taken raceday end up where lost socks go

18) The guys with the most $ invested wins 95% of the time

18A) Everyone cheers loudest for the low-budget underdog

19) The GREATS of racing are the guys on the other team who will lend you

tools, parts, duct tape etc. to keep you in the race.

20) Comraderie, and cold beer vie for the title of being the best part of

racing, with anything cooked on a BBQ grill coming in a close third. The actual racing is a distant fourth, with spectating fifth.