The Best of Wade Nelson

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The Colditz Glider

The greatest escape! The glider was built by British POWs imprisoned in Colditz Castle. The plan was to fly it off the chapel roof to get a pair of them out in the closing days of the war when it was feared the guards were going to massacre the prisoners. Originally published in Soaring Magazine.


The Gimli Glider

Story about a Boeing 767 which ran out of fuel at 41000 feet. The pilot successfully glided the unpowered 767 to an abandoned airfield. Originally published in Soaring Magazine.


When I learned the AEC had lit off a 29 kiloton nuclear "device" in my back yard I decided I'd better investigate! Published in a supplement to the Durango Herald.

 NYC Impressions

A funny, casual email to friends about my first visit to the Big Apple. A native New Yorker pointed out several errors. Giddoudaheah!

The Snow Removal Game

Pure humor for anyone who has ever had to shovel a driveway!


A 300 pound man wearing "I Dream of Jeannie" pants runs amok in Durango with a toilet plunger stuck to his forehead. I'm not kidding!


If you ride a bike, you've experienced this!

Grandma's Quilt:

Memories of a quilt sewn by my grandmother.

Racing is Racing

The rules of racing are the same -- regardless of what you're racing.

Schindler's Bike

Thoughts on life and death while bicycling though an Austin cemetary

Death on RAGBRAI - humor

Adopt-A-Kybo Foundation

RAGBRAI Vs. Tour De France

Virgin's Guide to RAGBRAI - text


The Story of Love

Christianity, re-told.